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Install / Update / Uninstall

Minimum system requirements:

  • A Synology DiskStation with a Marvell Kirkwood mv6282, mv6281, Intel Atom (x86) Processor, or one of the new PowerPC ones (What kind of CPU does my NAS have?)
  • I recommend to have at least 256MB of RAM to run Subsonic properly. It depends on how big your search library is. (On my System Subsonic takes >150MB with 37.000 indexed tracks.)
  • Perl package installed (official Synology package)
  • Java 6 or Java 7 installed. (The easiest way to install Java is explained below)
  • DSM 3.1 or above installed
  • „User Home“ activated in DSM (Control Panel->User->User Home)

Installation Guide for DSM 3.2 and above:

  • Make sure you archive the Minimum system requirements explained above.
  • Login to the DSM and go to main menu->Package Center->Settings->Package Sources->Add and enter the following URL:
  • It is the Package repository of the german Synology forum.
  • Also add:
  • by patters, the java package is hosted there.
  • Now the tab „Community“ should be created in the Package Center.quelle_hinzufügen4.2
  • At first make sure you have installed the official Synology Perl package. You can find it at the „Utilities“ section. (It is required during installation process only)
  • Then install the Java package. It can be found in „Community“.
  • Download the two files described in the error messages and put them into your public folder.
  • After Perl and Java are finished you can install the Subsonic package from the Community Tab.
  • During the Installation you can choose to restore a backup previously made with the subsonic-backup-creator (Click „No“ for fresh installation or normal upgrade)
  • The installation process takes a few minutes, have a cup of tea or whatever
  • Start Subsonic in the Package Manager and give it some time to start up (at least one minute)
  • To access the Subsonic GUI just click the icon created in the main menu or manually go to http://“your-DiskStaion-ip“:4040
  • To access the MiniSub html5 Interface login to the Subsonic GUI with remember me checked and go to http://“your-DiskStaion-ip“:4040/mini/
  • One last thing: Subsonic really becomes interesting with using the Android or iPhone Apps. For me iSub replaces the standard Apple-Music app completely.

Installation for DSM 3.1:

  • Make sure you archive the Minimum system requirements explained above.
  • Download and install the Java package from
  • Download and install the Subsonic Package from my Dropbox Folder
  • Now it will behave like in DSM 3.2 without the update notification, you will have to look at my blog to get new updates.

Installation for Disk Stations without Internet connection:

During the installation process the actual Program data is being downloaded directly onto your Disk Station. If your Diskstation doen’t have Internet connectivity You have to download the files by your own:

  • Download The Subsonic package from my Dropbox folder (select the latest stable release)
  • Download „Subsonic stand alone“ from here and rename the downloaded file to Subsonic.tgz
  • OR if you want to use MashupMod download the newest „SE“ version (SE=java 6 support) from here and rename the downloaded file to
  • Download the correct ffmpeg binary from here (yes they are called serviio-native because I am using the ones from patters) and rename it to ffmpeg.tgz
  • Put the two downloaded files into your public folder
  • Start the installation, via Package Center->Install Update->select the package file you downloaded at first
  • The setup detects the program files in public folder
  • Note: You can not update MiniSub or install Subtunes with this method, but you can download them separately and place the extracted files into /volumeX/@appstore/Subsonic/jetty/<number>/webapp/mini or …/subtunes to install/update them.

Note for MashupMod users who use transcoding:

  • Go to Settings->Transcoding and change the three „Audioffmpeg“ lines in „Step 1“ into „ffmpeg“.
  • Copy the „Step1“ field from mp3 audio into the one from m4a/FLAC audio.
  • Afterwards it should look like this:

Updating the Package:

  • If you want to be completely safe not to lose your settings and library copy the Subsonic folder /volumeX/@appstore/Subsonic to a safe place!
  • You’ll see an update button if a new version is online in the Package Center (DSM 3.2 or above only)
  • DSM 3.1: have a look at the download page for further updates.
  • Just install the new package without uninstalling the old one. The DSM recognizes that Subsonic is already installed and removes the old package.
  • You can update without losing your settings and index. I’ve implemented an update routine to backup and restore your library. At some major updates the databases of the old and the new version are incompatible (see related release news article) in this case you might want to backup your users. See this article in the Subsonic Forum on how to do this.
  • During the update process you will be asked if you want to restore the Subsonic database from the public folder instead of the default one. Only click „Yes“ if you have previously made backup in your public folder. The default answer is „No, just upgrade normally“.
  • Updating really takes a while, be patient 😉


  • In DSM go to the Package Center and click „Uninstall“. All files created and the subsonic user will be deleted.
  • Your music folder will not be touched in any way.

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