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#——–OwnCloud SPK changelog
#——–package maintained at

#——–This log only shows the changes of the spk versions.
#——–For changes of OwnCloud itself visit

OwnCloud 5.0.5-023
o contains Owncloud 5.0.5

OwnCloud 5.0.4-022
o contains Owncloud 5.0.4

OwnCloud 5.0.3-021
o contains Owncloud 5.0.3

OwnCloud 5.0.0-020
o contains Owncloud 5.0.0

OwnCloud 4.5.7-019
o contains Owncloud 4.5.7

OwnCloud 4.5.6-018
o contains Owncloud 4.5.6

OwnCloud 4.5.5-017
o contains Owncloud 4.5.5

Owncloud 4.5.4-016
o contains Owncloud 4.5.4

Owncloud 4.5.3-015
o contains Owncloud 4.5.3

Owncloud 4.5.2-014
o contains Owncloud 4.5.2

Owncloud 4.5.1-013
o reed on how to update wehn getting a „downgrade error“
o contains Owncloud 4.5.1

Owncloud 4.5.0-012
o added package log
o added option to set the DSM link to https connection
o contains Owncloud 4.5

Owncloud 4.0.7-011
o contains Owncloud 4.0.7

Owncloud 4.0.6-010
o contains Owncloud 4.0.6

Owncloud 4.0.5-009
o changed higher resulution icon in DSM
o fixed a few tiny bugs
o contains Owncloud 4.0.5

Owncloud 4.0.4-008
o contains Owncloud 4.0.4

Owncloud 4.0.3a-007
o contains Owncloud 4.0.3a (bug fix of 4.0.3)

Owncloud 4.0.3-006
o contains Owncloud 4.0.3

OwnCloud 4.0.2-005
o added license file
o contains OwnCloud 4.0.2

OwnCloud 4.0.1-004
o contains OwnCloud 4.0.1

OwnCloud 4.0.0-003
o changed the backup routine a bit
o changed the display type from „embedded“ to „popup“ beacause owncloud 4 does not work in frames
o contains OwnCloud 4.0.0

ownCloud 3.0.3
o added backup routine for database and data
o contains owncloud 3.0.3

owncloud 3.0.0
o first public release
o contains OwnCloud 3.0.0

5 Responses to Changelog

  1. 2012-12-17 at 22:06 Wim Wauters


    Thanks for the great work you are doing on Synology and OwnCloud. I installed it successfully, but syncing is so slow (I’m usin 4.5.0-16.

    Any idea what this could be?

    Thanks and sorry for reaching out this way, but searched the whole internet and couldn’t find a solution.

    Many thanks,


  2. hi Eric
    Im running this ownCloud SPK for a couple of mths now (including oczpush from github) and it workd very well for me including updates.
    Just discovered today that on there is another SPK release for ownCloud – released just recently. Do You all collaborate and is it the same or are there differences to expect?
    Will there be a conflicting issue when having both community repositories enabled showing 2x ownCloud in Syno Package Center?

    • Thanks for that information maz.
      synocommunity is the French version of which is operated by the german synology forum.
      Synocommunity asked me a year ago whether to collaborate with them, but at this point i was already involved in the German Synology forum and cphub.
      I didn’t know they released an own package version of owncloud. They never told me about it. I will report this to my contact at the synology forum who has connections to syno community and Synology…
      And I will have a look at their package as well 😉

      As long as I don’t announce any changes nothing will change and you can use my package as well as theirs. I don’t know their package so I wouldn’t recommend installing both at the same time.

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