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ownCloud 5.0.11-028 package for Synology NAS

09.22.2013, Allgemein, Download / Release Notes, ownCloud on Synology DS, by .

As some people might have overseen my warnings:
You can loose all your with every update!
Always backup your data (/web/owncloud folder and database)!

Of course I am trying my best this doesn’t happen but I can’t simulate and test all update scenarios.

So please carefully read my update instructions:
This update only works if 5.0.10, 5.0.9 or no ownCloud (fresh install) was installed before.
So because of the 2 different ownCloud packages floating around make sure you have installed my package by checking the Developer tag in the package center. It should be „Synology package maintained at“. If you have installed the SynoCommunity version you can not migrate to my via package center, you have to migrate manually! Also you can not install the SynoCommunity version and this one side by side.

The update order is: 5.0.7 or less ==> 5.0.9-026 to migrate to new package name ==> 5.0.10 and above. You can not migrate from 5.0.7 or less to 5.0.10 or above directly!

I hope this clears some trouble, Eric

Download: ownCloud5.0.11-028.spk

Dropbox folder containing all owncloud versions.

56 Responses to ownCloud 5.0.11-028 package for Synology NAS

  1. 2013-09-22 at 21:01 markus

    What about upgrading from DSM 4.2 to 4.3? Is your package working with DSM 4.3? What is the best way?

  2. 2013-09-28 at 18:37 DerBesserwisser

    Works with DSM 4.3 here.

    Thanks a lot for your work !!

  3. 2013-09-29 at 10:04 Frogman

    So, hab’s gefunden. Im Pfad /usr/syno/synoman/webman/3rdparty/oc_dsmlink liegt die application.cfg
    In dieser ist protocol = https und port = 443 eingetragen, wie gesagt – unabhängig von der Auswahl bei der Installation. Die Änderung auf protocol = http und port = 80 in der cfg per Hand tut es dann, aber irgendwo in der Installroutine werden da wohl die falschen Werte eingetragen.

  4. One more update – there’s still something funky with 5.0.11. After getting everything working in 5.0.10, attempting to update to 5.0.11 again resulted in an inability to log in. At that point I just rolled back to 5.0.10 and sat tight.

  5. 2013-10-08 at 06:30 integras

    I also had to roll back to 5.0.10. I am using the LDAP server of Synology for user and group and have connected ownCloud to it. Until now, the data directories of the users were named after the user UUID (veeeery long strings). After the update those UUIDs were changed to the readable names of the user.

    Nice to see (even if it breaks all the URLs I have on the different client computers for calendars, addressbooks and the like), but nobody could log in anymore. Don’t know if @abc also uses LDAP or if the LDAP and the login issues are unrelated.

    Fear that 5.0.12 will not be different in this respect (at least nothing relevant in the change log). Any ideas about how to proceed?

  6. 2013-10-10 at 11:43

    After update to 5.0.11-028 my caldav and carddav doesn´t work on my iphone. so i´ve checked the settings of cal and carddav. after a few changes everthing was all right (sad my iphone…). The calender works fine now. but not the contacts. if i go to contacts there are no groups an the phone an it downloads no contacts (i can see them in the owncloud interface). Does anybody have the same problems, can anybody help me?

    Thanks eric for your work – its great!!!

  7. 2013-11-08 at 20:42 Frogman

    Was ist mit dem Update auf 5.0.12 – ist das noch geplant oder geht’s dann gleich mit der 6.0 weiter?

    • 2013-11-09 at 08:39 Norbert

      Ich frag mich gerage eher, was mit Eric los ist. Er meldet sich seit September nicht mehr zu Wort. Komisch.

  8. Hello Eric,

    no news since a long time ;o(
    Do the project is over or have you been busy ?
    Hope you’re fine…

  9. uh – no blog entry since 3mths now where it was almost monthly before. this project looks dead like dodo. hope eric is doing fine. if time is an issue i hope he can transfer his knowhow to oc project of synocommunity – so its not lost. i gotta move on though.

  10. 2013-12-22 at 11:22 Richard

    wird es ein update auf owncloud 6-xxx geben für Synology? Wann ca?

  11. Hello All,

    I guess we will have to move to another package.
    Check Synocommunity here :

    Warning ! Backup first (then uninstall Owncloud, install new package and try restoring ;o)

    I didn’t tried but I will since… I want to stay up to date and we have no news from Eric ;o(

    Unfortunately… I need Subsonic too…. pfff

  12. Hello All,

    I made an 6.0.0a update based on Eric work.
    Tested on my Synology DS1511 (Intel) as a fresh an new installation.

    It worked well !
    Not sure about upgrading (from previous version).

    If anyone is interested, I can provide it.
    Will be called „ownCloud6.0.0a-029.spk“ to maintain the build.

    Let me know if you feel ok. Then I might simply take over (but I don’t have Eric’s knowledge).

  13. 2014-01-17 at 08:40 Norbert

    Hi MoBo, can you please send a download link for this to egal-at-gmx-dot-com?

  14. hi MoBO
    what differences did You experience in synocommunity build and Erics/Your v6.0.0.a build? Why did You move to an own build after testing the synocommunity one?

  15. Back ;o)
    You will find my package here :

    Please note the package is 50MB because I didn’t correctly compressed it. Honestly I didn’t spent to much time on this because I installed it locally.
    I will do it better next time I get a good feedback.
    On my side, it’s working perfectly (but since I removed everything, I had to start from scratch).
    Please report if upgrade is working too.
    And… Make a backup first !

    Would be nice to get a Backup/Restore process made one day…

  16. New 6.0.1 update available !

    I did update my previous version (6.0.0a) without issue on my side.
    Feel free to use it and please, report if this is fine for you.

  17. Size of the package
    The size increase from version 5.x to 6.x due to new and rewrite modules.
    I cannot compress more than this without error on the installation process.

  18. 2014-01-24 at 09:28 Norbert

    Hi MoBO,
    thanks a lot for for your Owncloud 6.0.1 update.
    I directly updated my existing Owncloud 5.0.11 (Eric) with your package and it worked like a charm.
    No issues for now.
    Again, thank you very much for your work.

  19. I just like the helpful info you provide to
    your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take a look
    at again here regularly. I am somewhat sure I will be informed plenty of new stuff proper right here!
    Good luck for the next!

  20. Hi MoBo,
    perfect work. Many thanks for your update (6.0.1). It runs on DS713+ until now without any problems.

  21. 2014-02-06 at 14:18 Norbert

    Hi @all

    as you can read on Eric did stop his work on ownCloud for Synology.
    The reason for this is not mentioned on this website. The author itself only states that Eric has good reasons for not working further on this package.

    I wished Eric would have given some official information here in his blog. As he did not so far, it will be likely that this blog will be closed in the future.

    At the moment, MoBO is the only one that continues work on building an owncloud package for Synology. With his package it is possible to perform a direct update on Eric’s package without loosing your data.

    MoBO, could you set up another forum, where you publish forthcoming builds of owncloud?

  22. Norbert…
    I need to think about it.
    Since all the initial work has been done by Eric, I need to have an agreement to take over.
    This forum contain tons of useful information posted by users and Eric.
    It would be a shame to loose everything…
    Until someone else take over, I can continue to maintain this package.
    The next big step will be to make it compatible with the next DSM version…
    I need to think about (virtual Synology or a real one ?).

  23. 2014-02-25 at 08:56 Sascha Joswig

    Hi MoBO,

    did you test your package on DSM 5 beta?

    I have lots of trouble with the synocommunity package under the beta.

    Best regards from Germany

  24. New client version 6.0.2 will be available tomorrow night.
    I did not made any test on the beta version since I did not upgraded my DSM.

  25. @Sascha: Sorry for the delay but can you provide more details on the issues you’re facing ?
    Some logs could be nice too in order to start looking at it.
    As I told before, I did not upgrade at the moment. I’m a conservative guy and I don’t like beta on my productive system. I really need to find something to be able to support beta if I will take over Eric… But since the decision as not been made at the moment, let’s wait.
    Another point : can you tell me the version you’re using (package’s name) ?

  26. Latest version available here :

    Note: Something strange since I still have a small warning announcing a new version available (6.0.2) but this version is installed. I’m looking to check why this is happening. Anyway, working fine for me.

  27. 2014-03-07 at 18:38 Dietmar

    @MoBO: Thank you for continuing Erics work and maintaining the owncloud package!

  28. Hello All,

    version 5.0 is out !
    I did not updated my Synology at the moment and some issues might append if you upgrade to 5.0. Accordning my initial reading, some permissions will have to be modified on „WEB“ Shared folders, ext3 partitions will not be compatible with the new use of Windows ACL permissions (now default) and the „http“ group will be used for Web Station.

    I need to test since some of you already reported issue with the BETA.
    For them, I guess playing with the permissions should help.

    Since I need… time to migrate and fix issues, I guess I will not provide a new version before Monday, March 17. Yep… I guess the week-end will be a busy one. Hope the rain will help me staying home.

  29. Updated to 5.0 tonight ;o)
    My advice… Do not upgrade yet !
    If you did anyway, web server has been changed and you must modify some file in order to make it working.
    WARNING: not been able to make SSL working yet.
    How to fix httpd in the next comment

  30. 2014-03-12 at 09:55 Norbert

    Hi MoBO,
    thanks for your latest release 6.0.2 of ownCloud.
    I also upgraded my DSM to 5.0. Some things in ownloud seem to work, others not. CalDAV and CardDAV are working for the moment without modifying additional files.
    But I get errors and warnings in the Administrators backend of owncloud:
    „Ihr Web-Server ist noch nicht für eine Datei-Synchronisation konfiguriert, weil die WebDAV-Schnittstelle vermutlich defekt ist. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Instalationsanleitungen.“
    Additionally the owncloud log gives warnings, too:
    „Warning OCP\Share Sharing backend OCA\Contacts\Share\Addressbook not registered, OCA\Contacts\Share\Addressbook is already registered for addressbook“
    „Error PHP file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/var/services/tmp/oc-not-deleted) is not within the allowed path(s): (/etc:/etc.defaults:/tmp:/usr/bin/php:/usr/syno/synoman:/var/packages/MailStation/target/roundcubemail:/var/run:/var/services/blog:/var/services/homes:/var/services/photo:/var/services/web:/var/spool/php:/volume1/@tmp/php) at /volume1/web/owncloud/lib/private/helper.php#600“

    I hope you can fix this in your ownCloud release or otherwise give me advice how to work around these errors.

  31. To reactivate to Apache function post DSM5 update, please the following advice ;

    Did you run MariaDB first ? If not, you should do it and restart.
    I do have the same PHP file_exists() and I need to look at this.

  32. Hi

    I just updated from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 without any issues. I am still running DSM 4.3.

    With owncloud 6.0.1. I had some problems uploading contacts to the cloud which I realized today (LOG: ADD ERROR 412 Precondition failed), this seems to be fixed with 6.0.2.

    @Mobo: Great work, I hope you can fix the DSM 5 thing. Did you know that there is a project called XPEnology to emulate Synology NAS? You can run a Synology in a VM with that. THis way I test all the owncloud updates. Right now there is now XPEnology@DSM5-final build, but I hope it will come soon.


  33. Hello all,
    Good news, all the issues are related to some Apache misconfiguration. I have been made to almost fix all issues. I still have, with owncloud, a problem with a missing PHP module called ‚fileinfo‘ but I guess this will be fixed tomorrow.

    I will write down all steps and provide an „how to“ to simplify your migration (tomorrow I guess) but… guys, please BACKUP ALL YOUR APACHE & PHP CONFIGURATIONS BEFORE UPGRADING since they will be overwritten !

    To fix the PHP file issue…
    You need to add /var/services/tmp to the open_basedir on the configuration file /etc/php/conf.d/user-settings.ini

  34. 2014-03-14 at 06:28 Norbert

    Hi MoBO,

    It seems that it is not possible to add more postings here.
    Yesterday I wrote an answer to your posting and it is not appearing here, again.
    So, could you please send me an email to spam2-at-gmx-dot-com, so I can answer your proposals in this way?

  35. @Norbert: Looks like size matter and you cannot create more than 1 message (or 2, it’s depend) without being put in „hold“ for some time.
    I’m setting up an alternate website to continue Eric’s work. I hope to be able to provide the initial „beta“ version soon…

  36. 2014-03-17 at 10:54 Norbert

    Test – please delete.

  37. 2014-03-19 at 10:42 Jackie Wong

    Thanks for your owncloud new version work. We used owncloud 5.0.10 run on DSM 4.2, i want upgrade to latest version of owncloud 6.0.3 , before i would like to know any step need take care. pls advise.

  38. @Jackie: It is all described on this Webpage.
    1. Always backup your data and database!!!
    2. I would recommend to upgrade to the latest DSM 4.x Version (not DSM 5 yet)
    3. Check if you are running the eg package!
    4. If yes, install the package from the link above 6.0.2 is the latest eg package right now.

  39. Hi

    with gnoBoot it is possible to create a Test NAS in a VMWare Virtual Machine with DSM5. This might be interessting for testing the owncloud package with DSM5. If someone is interested I can post my installation steps.

    @Mobo: Any updates in regards to move this to your own blog? / Any updates in regards to DSM5?

  40. 2014-04-12 at 21:01 brother45

    Are there any news for owncloud 6.0.2 update with DSM 5.0?

  41. owncloud is working fine with DSM once you followed all note to correctly fix the apache issue. Check my previous note.

  42. hi Mobo,

    Can you note down what exactly has to be done. You wrote that you wanted to post a how to description…

    in the link you posted someone is writing
    „Although not mentioned in the change log, the problem with missing modules in the conf file is fixed in DSM 5.0 update 1.“
    Does this mean the DSM Update is working without any DSM mods? Did anyone tried this ???

  43. It took me so much time to achieve this that I decided to make a little tutorial…

    Migration from OC 5 (owncloud) working on dsm 4.3 to owncloud 6 on dsm 5.0 update 2. I’m using sqlite database.
    This worked for me.

    1 Save your version of OC. Especially the data folder and the config folder.

    2 Uninstall previous version of OC and its folder \volume1\web\owncloud

    3 Install the new version ownCloud6.0.2-031.spk manually (you can find the link in the page from MoBo’s post)

    4 open OC from dsm.
    If you see : „Data directory (/volume1/web/owncloud/data) not writable by ownCloud“ then use putty and enter this command line :“chown -R http:http /volume1/web/owncloud“

    – if sqlite doesn’t appear on the OC’s connection windows, then you have to reactivate sqlite :
    you have to add 2 lines to this file /etc/php/conf.d/extensions.ini
    Add : „extension =“ and on an other line „extension =“
    I used putty to copy it on my nas (replace xxx by a folder you have on your nas) :cp /etc/php/conf.d/extensions.ini „/volume1/xxx“
    Make the changes with a text editor
    And put it back : cp /volume1/xxx/extensions.ini „/etc/php/conf.d“
    Last thing : Clic on control panel > web services > php config (not sure about the exact name)> clic on „select php extention“ and tick „mssql“

    – replace the „data“ and the „config“ folder with your old ones.

    – if you see : „Please change the permissions to 0770 so that the directory cannot be listed by other users“ then use putty and enter this command line again :“chown -R http:http /volume1/web/owncloud“

    This should work if you’re using sqlite database.

  44. 2014-04-30 at 03:08 Jackie Wong

    Hi. We have installed OC 6.0.2 in our DSM 4.3. For external user access report to me sometime after login OC auto go to private IP web page , that sometime error access and cannot display . please advise how to fix this error.

  45. Hello All,
    new version is out :

    The Synology version will be released tomorrow 13:00 GMT+1 here (dropbox folder will be provided -> same as others).
    A new web site is under construction but I do have some other pending issue,

  46. Thanks MoBO, oc6.03 working great on latest DSM5.

  47. Version 6.0.4 update will be available very soon… (today)

  48. Versio 6.0.4 available.
    Sorry for the delay.

    If you see : “Data directory (/volume1/web/owncloud/data) not writable by ownCloud” then use putty and enter this command line :”chown -R http:http /volume1/web/owncloud”

  49. 2014-07-02 at 06:54 Norbert

    Hi Mobo,

    thanks for your lightning fast release of owncloud 6.0.4.

    Just a warning for all others that try to update their owncloud release from 6.0.3 to 6.0.4:
    Please make sure that you backed up all your owncloud data including database.
    I don’t know the reason why, but when I updated my owncloud installation I only got a blank page when trying to open the ownclowd url.
    The only sollution was to completely uninstall owncloud through DSM and manually delete the owncloud database including the owncloud users for this database.
    After that I had to do a reinstall and after opening the owncloud url for the first time I could create a new database and after having finished this step I had to manually restore all owncloud data.

    Now my owncloud installation is working fine again.

  50. Norbert, this is weird because I did the upgrade of mine without any issue !
    Did you checked the logs ?
    Did you tried with and without „HTTPS“ ?
    Never got a „White page“ before…
    Would be nice if you had kept the logs… I’m pretty sure you were able to fix it without reinstalling.
    Drop me a mail at ownclouder@outlook[dot]com

  51. Hello !
    Just back from vacation so expect the latest v7 version soon ;o)

  52. 2014-08-11 at 11:04 Norbert

    Hi MoBO,

    could you please check your email?

  53. Email me for updates !
    Got them all ;o)

  54. 2015-02-11 at 20:15 brother45


    Is there any OC8 release to download please ?


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