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Attention ownCloud users!

08.12.2013, Allgemein, ownCloud on Synology DS, by .

Edit: The new package isn’t ready, yet. But I am still working on it. It will be online tomorrow!


Today Matthieu from the German Synology Forum informed me, that there are serious issues with updating ownCloud these days.
You might be affected as well if you have installed the syno-community repo and the which I use.
The trouble is, that as you might know there is another ownCloud package maintained by synocommunity which is named owncloud as well. Unfortunately DSM doesn’t care from which source the package is and displays the update button under at my package even if it is theirs.

I made a new package containing ownClous 5.0.9 and renamed the internal package name (not the displayed name) and the install directory to owncloud-eg. This should provide issues with further versions.

So how do I prevent the Data loss?

  1. The quick and dirty way
  2. Back up all of you data (You should always do this periodically!)
  3. Do not install the update via the automatic package center update!
  4. Download my new package and install it manually.
  5. All your data should be migrated from the old package to the new as usual.
  6. Delete the old version (in most cases 5.0.6) manually.

You can now access your owncloud installation at http://your-NAS-ip/owncloud-eg/. (The

From now on you can install further updates without fears.

In my opinion they should have renamed their package from start, because the have to know that there is another package. What is the first thing you do, when you start developing something? Look if there is something similar already! And they must have found this blog even by typing „owncloud“ and „synology“ into google many results lead to this blog. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to develop their own package, quite the contrary. The community lives from the variety of different developments and developers. But either they have done a very poor research or they have caused this on purpose. If they want to use the name „owncloud“ as their package name, they can. But they could have told me before, not because of me (the package name really doesn’t matter as it is not displayed anywhere), but because of you, having troubles now.

Another problem is that even if you haven’t installed the syno-community repo, you have to install the new package manually once, because there will be no update button until you installed this version.

I don’t know how long this problem existed now and I am sorry for the circumstances, but I wasn’t aware of this unitil today and hope you haven’t had any troubles. For the future: Always read my realease news before installing a new version of ownCloud. In most cases it doen’t make a difference but sometimes there are issues like this one.




One Response to Attention ownCloud users!

  1. thx for the update!
    but changing the path is a no go for me. I need to find out how to cope with it or alternatively switch to the SynoCommunity release instead. I had hopes it can live along with just a slightly different spk name, but same install path. The whole situation is awkward, i wonder how other doubled packages get along each other (e.g. python, git server, sabnzbd, etc.)


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