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Quick update

05.03.2013, Allgemein, Misc, by .

It was quite an interesting week. A new version of Subsonic came out as well as the new Developers Guide for DSM 4.2 which shows a lot of changes in creating and integrating new packages.

I am currently working on the new Subsonic 4.8 package. I will most likely upload the new version tomorrow.

maz informed me that there is a second version of ownCloud available. It is distributed by the French and is as unofficial as my package ;). I don’t know this package yet so I don’t recommend installing both owncloud packages at the same time. Also I can’t guarantee that changing from one to another package will work.

I will stay here at my balcony for another hour, listen to the beautiful new record of Andrew Bayer, enjoy the sun and finish to read the not very warm but quite dry Developers guide.

So all you beta heads, stay tuned tomorrow 😉


One Response to Quick update

  1. Good stuff! Hope that a new Owncloud version will fix the synch-problems. It’s not usable in it’s current form. Synching of many files grinds Owncloud to a halt ;-(

    Nothing wrong with your musictaste btw 😉


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