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Hello ;)

04.29.2013, Allgemein, Misc, by .

Sorry for not being around here the last few weeks.

But: (In Jeremy Clarksons words) Good News! I have a day off tomorrow and will try to answer to all your questions, problems and hints and at least try to work on new fixes.

I hope you aren’t that angry but this blog is just a hobby and a year ago I didn’t thought it could become this big.

I hope all you Synos are running fine out there and you had a great Weekend.



2 Responses to Hello ;)

  1. „Angry“ ?
    We are GRATEFUL of all the work you done until today and for the future too.

    Until today, you always tried to provide us the latest updates as soon as possible and I would like to thanks you for that.

    I will be happy to read all your reply and „surprises“ :o)

    Have a wonderful day off !

  2. Great news! I tried installing subsonic a fews days ago but the installation kept failing. The hash sum of the downloaded package seems to have changed.


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