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ownCloud 5.0.4-022 Synology spk

04.11.2013, Allgemein, Download / Release Notes, ownCloud on Synology DS, by .

A new package arrived again with a lot of fixes…

Dropbox is already updated, repo will follow soon.

Have a nice Weekend, Eric

7 Responses to ownCloud 5.0.4-022 Synology spk

  1. 2013-04-11 at 19:10 Michael

    Eric, just a big thank you for your efforts!

  2. A bing thank from me too! I’m not a „me-too“ normaly 😉

  3. Hello,
    Do anyobody has been able to configure owncloud to use the Syslog server (official package) of the Synology ?

    I changed the config.php according the documentation without success !
    ‚log_type‘ => ’syslog‘,
    ‚logfile‘ => “,
    ‚loglevel‘ => ‚0‘,

    Note: The log is working only if I set log_type = ‚owncloud‘ and provide the logfile name.

    Thanks in advance for you help.

    @Eric: Thanks for this update, worked fine for me !

  4. 2013-04-14 at 14:55 JussiL

    Nice to get these updates so soon, many thanks for this.

    But has anyone experienced similar behavior on their DS? I have a DS413 and after update to this newest version my mysql process goes insane after executing some simple search from web interface. Each user who is doing a search causes the mysql process go to 50% (1st user), 99% (2nd user) after which whole owncloud becomes unresponsive. Sometimes I could get the search responses but the second try – nada. Couldn’t even login or access anything on owncloud after this. Only way to get it back and running was to restart mysql and apache… Annoying.

    However, I suspected first the search function of owncloud doing something weird and I removed the Full Text Search from apps. After it was removed I could do searches again without stressing mysql. Can anyone concur same behavior or is it just my setup?

  5. leider lÀuft die 5.0.4-022 version nicht so toll bei mir. speziell was kontakte betrifft.
    wo finde ich den die SPK von der 4.5.7 um wieder downzugraden?

  6. Nach dem Update auf die Version 5.04 erscheint nur noch die Meldung „OwnCloud is in maintenance mode“. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie ich auf das Ding wieder zugreifen kann?

  7. Siegi, steht in den Comments irgendwo bei den Owncloud posts hier,
    jedenfalls in kurz im Config file den maintenance wert auf false setzen.


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