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ownCloud 5.0.0 Synology package

03.24.2013, Allgemein, Download / Release Notes, ownCloud on Synology DS, by .

Finally 😉

ownCloud 5 is out and updating should be no big deal. Simply hit the update button, follow the usual instructions and install ownCloud.

After the installation is finished browse to your ownCloud page (click the DSM link) and wait for the update to complete (this takes another few seconds…)

5.0.0_updateYou will be redirected to the login page afterwards.

It is already online in my Dropbox Folder

The repo will be online soon.


Now: Fixing Subsonic package again =(…

21 Responses to ownCloud 5.0.0 Synology package

  1. Hi,
    just did fresh DSM install without any mods and installed owncloud 4.5.7 package. Now when updating to owncloud 5 setting local to EN fails (according to owncloud log).
    Any ideas? Preferably without ipkg.

  2. Addition:
    The only maybe related thing i changed compared to my previous DSM installation: UTF character conversion to german in regional settings.
    Changed it back to default english, activated debug mode and deactivated maintanance mode in owncloud and refreshed page. update successfull.

  3. If someone else has the same problem with owncloud stuck in
    maintenance mode. Simply change the config.php from maintenance mode true to false. Somehow it doesn’t work with Firefox so use Chrome(worked for me) and try again.

    config.php can be found in /var/services/web/owncloud/config
    use the programm WinSCP if you’re not familiar with the linux shell.
    Note: use „root“ as username otherwise you can’t edit the file.
    Password for root is your normal admin account password.

    Found solution here:

  4. fine, done. sometroubles with maintenance mode, thanks to urban51 for solution.
    offtopic: 2 questions: how to change sort order in contacts??
    how to hide birthdays from contacts in calendar????

    thanks in advance


  5. I cant see no Contacts in WebGUI. Everytime I access them, the locale-error appears in log at least 3 times. However, Thunderbird and iOS work.
    @Chris: did you install locales on your DSM?

  6. no locales installed. Clear cache in Firefox/Chrome, restart browser, relogin owncloud–> helps for me.
    solutions for my sort order problem in contacts: sync with ipad, relogin to owncloud. Last name, First name order right now. strange….
    2nd problem: no solutions at the moment, but I’m not alone, google is my friend. 😉

  7. Thanks for this update.
    On my side, no issue at all, working smoothly ;o)
    Great job !

  8. Wow! This was quick! Shortly after the 5.0 release we have a package for beloved Synology. Thanks for that!

  9. 2013-03-26 at 16:12 theplayer777

    Hi, I’ve got som problem installing this package. I’ve never used owncloud before but when I install it and try to create a new account by clicking on „finish install“, nothing happens, even if i try to configure the connexion with phpmyadmin… any idea?

    thx in advance for your help

  10. 2013-03-26 at 23:53 xkelly

    I have the same problem as theplayer777. Never used owncloud, installed v5 and at the finish setup page where you create an admin user, entering the credentials you want to use, then clicking finish empties out the username/password boxes and nothing else. Setup never finishes. Ideas?

  11. 2013-03-26 at 23:54 xkelly

    Also… I’m on DSM 4.1-2668.

  12. 2013-03-27 at 11:33 theplayer777

    Same version for me: DSM 4.1-2668

  13. 2013-03-27 at 19:58 oliver

    Thank you very much for your owncloud synology package.
    I am wondering why Synology is marked as Planned on Aren’t you in contact with the owncloud-developers?
    Best regards,

    • Nope, not, yet. I’m doing this all on my own…
      But I will contact them, if they want to they can use my package to develop their own. But I will never deliver an official package, because I never know when I’ve got time to create a new package or give support. It just wouldn’t be reliable.

  14. 2013-03-28 at 14:49 theplayer777

    And… no solution for our problem?… I tried to update DSM to 4.2, but still got the problem…

  15. 2013-04-02 at 21:01 gadabout


    I want to get rid of the prevent-from-iframing-feature because I want to use owncloud via a „cloaked“ subdomain of my domain-hoster. The hoster therefore uses frames, which is why I can’t reach my owncloud-instance via the „cloaked“ subdomain.

    Via the owncloud-forum I found out, that the line
    header(‚X-Frame-Options: Sameorigin‘); // Disallow iFraming from other domains is responsible for that behavior.

    Can you tell me how I can find and edit this line in the owncloud-package and how I am able to get in on my NAS and running afterwards?

    Or are you even planning to let us users choose between one version, with and one version without that „feature“? I guess, I’m not the only one with such a setting (especially under those, that are required to use a DDNS-service).

    Thanks in advance for any help!


  16. 2013-04-03 at 13:58 Phadda

    i installed v5 on DSM 4.2 @ DS211j without any errors. But when i open the Website, the following lines appear …
    PHP module zip not installed.
    PHP module mb multibyte not installed.
    PHP module GD is not installed.
    PHP module zlib is not installed.
    PHP module iconv is not installed.
    All PHP Modules activated at the DSM Webstation and also restarted the Syn, but the the missing modules wont disappear 😉
    Any ideas ?

  17. 2013-04-03 at 16:46 Phadda

    i installed it this package on a DS211j with DSM 4.2 and got the following errors when i open the website.

    PHP module zip not installed.
    PHP module mb multibyte not installed.
    PHP module GD is not installed.
    PHP module zlib is not installed.
    PHP module iconv is not installed.

    Webstation and MySQL is activated and the default PHP Extensions are activated. Did i need another package to get the missing modules activated ? Any hints and tips are welcome 😉

  18. Please note that owncloud 5 has a major bug which allows only one addressbook. If you have multiple addressbooks wait for 5.03 where that issue is fixed. Hope that the other addressbooks were not deleted….and will reappear

  19. 2013-04-04 at 11:50 Phadda

    „Latest Releases: : ownCloud 5.0.3“


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