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java for new PPC Disk Stations (423 and 213+)

10.13.2012, Allgemein, Subsonic on Synology DS, by .

Good news for everyone with a new DS 423 or DS 213+. These DiskStations are powered by a 1GHz PPC CPU so the the java package had do be reconfigured to match these devices. This job was thankfully done by patters from See his release notes to download and install the package on your new NAS.

This means it is now possible to run Subsonic (and all other java based programs) on every DiskStation exept the old PPCs from 2010 and earlier.

You can’t install Subsonic on these DiskStations, yet because I have to upload a specified package for that. Also I have to look for a special compiled ffmpeg file to enable transcoding.

I will work on this package during the next week, so you can expect the release for the next weekend.

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