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ownCloud 10k downloads hit – Thank you guys

10.11.2012, Allgemein, Misc, by .

I just wanted to thank everybody for your support and confidence in my work. Everyone who downloads a package from the package center motivates me to create new and better packages. Thanks to everyone who leaves comments, making this a community project. I will continue to provide packages as long as this blog is „alive“. My next step is to get an Atom powered Disk Station. Not only because my 4TB 211+ is nearly spilling over, but also to have both environments to test on.  Some statistics from my side:

  • more than 10.000 ownCloud downloads (via package center)
  • more than 4.200 Subsonic downloads (via package center)
  • more than 50.000 independent Visitors on this side since January (30.000 of them in the last 5 months)
  • about 250 independent Visitors each day

Keep on rocking…

7 Responses to ownCloud 10k downloads hit – Thank you guys

  1. Because you do a GREAT job !
    Many GREAT jobs actually ;o)

    Any change to have a package of Teamspeak ( ?

    The product is very easy to install, run without any special command but would be so nice to have it as a package including updated and start/stop features.

    These informations might help you…

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I think I might get in license troubles publishing Teamspeak Packages.

    Software Piracy, Violations of Copyright
     TeamSpeak Systems GmbH vigorously protects its copyrights and other intellectual property rights. No portion of the software provided on or through the web site may be pirated (copied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form, for purpose of transferring or selling the copy to another party) without the prior written consent of TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. TeamSpeak Systems GmbH reserves all rights and privileges guaranteed by worldwide copyright laws.
    • Hmmm… I will send them an email to check if it would be possible for you to create an installer package downloading the sources directly on their server.
      Since no modification will be made on the source or installer, I’m pretty sure they will agree.
      Actually they to provide a synology „how to“ so I guess they will love to have it „packaged“.

      Let’s check what they will say !

      • Finally got an answer from Teamspeak (they are not quite fast answering).
        Not sure what this mean… are you able or not ?!
        Looks like you might send a small mail to them (

        If you can, this will be great and since the package is very easy to install and you already have all the files ready… would be a piece of cake for you but a damn big work for me ;o(

        Thanks in advance…

        The mail I got…


        we do not provide any packages for synology or any other NAS, we only provide the original server package as found on our download page here:

        Anything else that might exist is created by 3rd parties and is not supported by us.

        Anyone planning on doing something that requires prior permission from us, needs to contact us before starting any work on such project and wait for the permission to do so.

        Kind regards,
        – Chris

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