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Subsonic 4.7 (no package yet)

09.15.2012, Allgemein, Subsonic on Synology DS, by .

Subsonic 4.7 came out on Wednesday, but I am busy till Friday next Week (09-21-2012). I am afraid to tell you that you can’t expect the new package before this date. As Subsonic is a (java based) program and not just a bunch of web sides like ownCloud it requires some more work. This also is a major release and I don’t want to cause any installation bugs, so I will keep testing it a few days and install, update and deinstall it many times in every possible way, which takes a lot of time (and patience). So relax another Week, 4.7 will definitely come out in September.

btw: DSM 4.1 is running fine on my system.

6 Responses to Subsonic 4.7 (no package yet)

  1. This is a great news anyway ;o)
    Thanks for all the work made so far and we will be patient to get the latest version released.

    In my side, impossible to update do DMS 4.1 because of the root partition is full and I’m unable to find why this can be (should be ghost files somewhere but nobody can really help me ;( -> )

  2. Super dude! You are the best! 😀

  3. Good news: I’ve got everything running very well. MashupMod database is now compatible to previous „standard“ databases so you can upgrade from 4.6 to 4.7 or 4.7-MashupModded

    Release of 4.7 package: Tomorrow!

  4. 4.7 is now available in my Dropbox. I will write the Release notes later or tomorrow.


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