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Subsonic-backup-creator 1.0

01.28.2012, Allgemein, Subsonic on Synology DS, by .

Today I’ve made a little script I’d like to share with you. It copies the database files form an installed Subsonic package to the public folder, so you can easily create a backup of Subsonic and store it wherever you want. With the new Subsonic Package I am working on it will be possible to restore this backup while installing or upgrading. Now you can fully uninstall Subsonic, install it again and you don’t have to create users, players or search index again.

Please note:

  • To install and run this package the Subsonic package must be installed and Subsonic has to be running.
  • Don’t run this package while Subsonic is updating the search index. Otherwise the backup files will be corrupt and Subsonic will not start after restore!
  • This script just creates the backup, there is no restore option in here, it will be included in the new Subsonic package.
  • This is not a complete backup of Subsonic. Only the Database files are copied.

It will be available at both package sources I am hosting the Subsonic package on, once the new Subsonic package is out.

Now you can Download it here:

Subsonic-backup-creator.spk (10kb)

Script code:

PUBLIC=`cat /usr/syno/etc/smb.conf | sed -r '/\/public$/!d;s/^.*path=(\/volume[0-9]{1,3}\/public).*$/\1/'`
if [ -L $SUBSONIC ]; then
 if [ ! -d $PUBLIC/Subsonic ]; then
 mkdir $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp $SUBSONIC/ $SUBSONIC/*.index $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp -r $SUBSONIC/db $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp -r $SUBSONIC/lucene $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp -r $SUBSONIC/thumbs $PUBLIC/Subsonic

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