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As I am studying Media Technology we always have to do some practical things.
For example record a song or create and build a booth for a trade fair (visit for our last booth at boot Duesseldorf 2011 about one year ago). This time we had to program a raytracer from scratch in c++ to get to know how it works.

We build this with a group of four. I did most of the programming while the others were doing the math and research stuff. Mine is by far not the best one in this Semester – one guy build a whole GUI with import, export and multi threading – but as this was the first „big“ program I’ve coded so far I’m pretty happy with the result.

I have included:

  • Adjustable recursion depth
  • 4x antialiasing via Oversampling
  • Adjustable bleary reflections
  • Refractions (Transparency)
  • Adjustable soft shadows


It was a nice challenge to create it. Especially because you can see almost everything (and every mistake) you do directly just by rendering a picture. Maybe someone who is interested in learning and understanding how a raytracer works (or how to build one) can have a look at it.

You can download the compiled .exe or the whole visual c++ project below. Have fun with it.

compiled exe (365KB)

visual c++ (13MB) 

Today I’ve made a little script I’d like to share with you. It copies the database files form an installed Subsonic package to the public folder, so you can easily create a backup of Subsonic and store it wherever you want. With the new Subsonic Package I am working on it will be possible to restore this backup while installing or upgrading. Now you can fully uninstall Subsonic, install it again and you don’t have to create users, players or search index again.

Please note:

  • To install and run this package the Subsonic package must be installed and Subsonic has to be running.
  • Don’t run this package while Subsonic is updating the search index. Otherwise the backup files will be corrupt and Subsonic will not start after restore!
  • This script just creates the backup, there is no restore option in here, it will be included in the new Subsonic package.
  • This is not a complete backup of Subsonic. Only the Database files are copied.

It will be available at both package sources I am hosting the Subsonic package on, once the new Subsonic package is out.

Now you can Download it here:

Subsonic-backup-creator.spk (10kb)

Script code:

PUBLIC=`cat /usr/syno/etc/smb.conf | sed -r '/\/public$/!d;s/^.*path=(\/volume[0-9]{1,3}\/public).*$/\1/'`
if [ -L $SUBSONIC ]; then
 if [ ! -d $PUBLIC/Subsonic ]; then
 mkdir $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp $SUBSONIC/ $SUBSONIC/*.index $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp -r $SUBSONIC/db $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp -r $SUBSONIC/lucene $PUBLIC/Subsonic
 cp -r $SUBSONIC/thumbs $PUBLIC/Subsonic

Heute bin ich auf den TV streaming dienst „iOS TV“ gestoßen, der erstaunlich gut Funktioniert.

Man ruft einfach auf seinem iOS gerät auf, wählt die Qualität aus und kann Fernsehen, keine Anmeldung, keine Kosten. Zudem gibt es zu jedem Sender einen eigenen, öffentlichen Chat, der wie es bei so einem öffentlichen Chat leider ist, mit vulgären und anstößigen Beiträgen überladen ist. Man kann natürlich auf auf Vollbild stellen und den Chat somit ausblenden. Angeboten werden vor allem deutsche, aber auch andere europäische Sender. Ich weiß allerdings nicht, wie legal das ganze ist und wie lange es online bleibt, aber im Moment finde ich es es besser als Zattoo oder eine eigene App für jeden Sender zu haben.

I’m back from holidays and will answer your questions and care about the package next week.

until then I’d like to share my holiday soundtrack:
There is an online player, download link and tracklist.