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Just a quick update of ownCloud itself, no changes concerning installation or the DSM.

Download from package hub or Dropbox Folder.

So this is probably the last ownCloud 4 package as version 5 is about to come in August.

It fixes a few bugs.

I have also done a few little things with the package. Since DSM 3.0 Synology uses a „config“ file instead of the „application.cfg“ to set links from the DSM to applications. But the construction of the config file is very badly documented (for example there is no description how to change the target port) in the official „3rd Party Apps Developer Guide“ so I was always working with the old application.cfg. But now I have been analyzing many of the official package config files, found many undocumented properties and a working solution.

So, what’s different for you?  Nothing but a larger icon in the DSM menu (48×48 instead of 36×36)

Beside this I have changed the way of providing the packages. Now there is a public Dropbox folder with all versions in it, so you can easily look for new version or install old versions when you’ve got problems with new ones. If you are already downloading via repo nothing will change, you will see all further updates in the DSM.

Download from Dropbox folder:

or repo.

The new 4.0.4 update is online.

For some reason I am stuck in the implementation of adding existing folders to the file system of owncloud. Neither the creation of symlinks nor the official „Custom Mount Configuration“ works. If you have found a proper solution for this, please post it here so I can see what I can do to implement it into the package.

My first aim is that every user can see and use the existing „public“ folder in owncloud. If this works it won’t be that hard to add custom folders.

Until then you can – as always – download the updated package via repo or here:

ownCloud4.0.4-008.spk (5,6 MB)

Have fun, Eric

This package fixes the file/folder listing bug.

I haven’t changed anything else at the package / installer.

Download: repo or here:

ownCloud4.0.3a-007.spk (5,6 MB)

edit: the repo is down for whatever reason, will check it again tonight.

Now everything is up and running…

I have just packed the new ownCloud update into the package, changed nothing else, have fun.


Download via repo or here:

ownCloud4.0.3-006.spk (5,6 MB)

Good News everywhere:

The rain is gone, Germany makes it to the finals and I’ve uploaded a new package.

I have just updated the owncloud files to provide you with the latest version as fast as possible.

The new Subsonic package and the previously mentioned „link option“ will follow soon.


Download as always via repo: (see install guide for details)

or direct:

ownCloud4.0.2-005.spk (5.7 MB)

I have just included the new 4.0.1 version of ownCloud, nothing else.

Download as always via package repo:

or here:

ownCloud4.0.1-004.spk (5.6 MB)

Hi everybody,

one week after the release of ownCloud 4 I am happy to announce that my package is also ready to be installed.

BUT (!) as you may have seen on the ownCloud homepage or in the german post on my site the bug tracker is heavily loaded.

I had to do some changes on my package, too:

  • The big change is that ownCloud 4 was not able to be run in a frame. So I had to change the type to „popup“ which opens a new tab instead of using the nice internal frame.
  • The second construction site was the backup and recover routine in my scripts. There are a few things you have to look at while updating:
  1. If you placed your data in volumeX/web/owncloud/data (the default path) everything should work fine. If you placed it somewhere else make sure to copy it to a safe place outside the /web/owncloud/ folder before updating, the whole folder will be deleted during update
  2. If ownCloud does not display your data although it is in the right place, logout OC, clear your browser cache and log back in. Now a message like „scanning files and folders“ should appear.

You may encounter further issues and bugs within OC itself so please be patient, I will upload new versions as soon as they are available.

Now have fun with ownCloud 4.0.0 , it will be available at the german Synology package repo soon: it is available at the german Synology package repo now:

You can also download and install it manually from here:

ownCloud4.0.0-003.spk (5.6 MB)


(mehr …)

Hi guys,

Subsonic 4.7 beta 1 is out and I am working on a new package, which will also include Subtunes and MiniSub html5 interface.

Here is a link to the ownCloud 4 release schedule. The new version will come out on Tuesday and I will make a package as soon as I can (I have to work a lot these days…).

First of all: Sorry, I uploaded a wrong version of ownCloud to the community package hub yesterday. This version will not work properly! I have already uploaded a new version, which will be available soon is available now. You can also install the new version manually from the link below.

What is new?

Beside the new version of ownCloud itself, I have updated the script a little bit, so your ownCloud data and config folder will survive further updates.

How can I install The package?

You can either download the package from the link below and install it manually or you add

to your package sources.

Both methods are described in the Subsonic installation guide.

How can I update?

There are two folders („data“ and „config“) that need to be saved. They are both in the web/owncloud folder. You have to copy them to a place out of the owncloud folder, install the new package and copy them back.

1. With windows explorer go to: \\Your.NAS.IP.Adress\web\owncloud\ with mac goto smb://Your.NAS.IP.Adress/web/owncloud, the linux guys will know what to do ;).

2. If there is a error like „you don’t have the permission bla bla…“ you have to access your Diskstation via ssh (e.g. with putty) and type:

cd /volumeX/web/owncloud
chmod 777 ./data
chmod 777 ./config

X is the volume number your web folder is stored.

Now try to copy them again.

3. Uninstall the old ownCloud version and install the new one (3.0.3-02).

4. Restore the data and config folders.

You have to do this only once. For further updates I have scripted a backup routine.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, let me know. Now have fun with the package:

ownCloud3.0.3-02.spk (3,2MB)


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