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Finally 😉

ownCloud 5 is out and updating should be no big deal. Simply hit the update button, follow the usual instructions and install ownCloud.

After the installation is finished browse to your ownCloud page (click the DSM link) and wait for the update to complete (this takes another few seconds…)

5.0.0_updateYou will be redirected to the login page afterwards.

It is already online in my Dropbox Folder

The repo will be online soon.


Now: Fixing Subsonic package again =(…

Nothing special here just the an usual ownCloud update…

As some of you might have noticed today I finally finished the new ownCloud package, which fixes some issues with old IE (does anybody still use this?!) and other minor things.

It is already online, so have fun with it…

Happy New Year =)

2013 arrived and with it the promised ownCloud update.

Nothing special with this update again.

I am currently working on some more tutorials.

Hope your Hangover didn’t last too long, have fun with the package, Eric


Dropbox download:

Repo will be online soon (hope there are no problems this time).

The new package is up and running, nothing special, have fun 😉



PS: have a look at my new Advanced Setup guide.

After having some troubles with the last two packages, the new one should work smoothly.

4.5.1. is basically a bugfix package without major changes.

Dropbox Folder is already updated:

The package has been successfully uploaded to the community package hub and the update button appears soon.



For those of you, updating from 4.5.0: Please read the release announcement of the 4.5.1 package.


Have a nice Weekend and 1st Advent, Eric

Hi Guys,

sorry for being away for a while, but I had some more important things to do last week, but I am back now, my favorite football club Borussia Dortmund has made it to the CL finals and the weather is fine, so everything is OK now 😉

Anything else? Ah Yeah, the new ownCloud package!:

It fixes many bugs, so install it and be happy, no special tricks n this one.

Download from Dropbox folder:

Update button in the Package Center should appear soon…


Edit: After some delays the package is online now and will be approved soon.

For those of you updating from 4.5.0: please read this post.



Hi guys its an official Holiday today which means I’ve got a lot of time to take care of my Synology packages.

The first one is the owncloud package, which has been updated to 4.5.1. Nothing special so far, but then Synology-Version-Number-Counting strikes!

For some reason it detects the 4.5.1 to be lower than the previous 4.5 and quits the update process. This wouldn’t be a problem if at least one of the scripts in the package would be executed so I could change the number by running this script and you wouldn’t recognize anything, but it fails before anything is done to the package. It also means there will be no update button in the package center for the people who installed 4.5 because the installed version is detected to be newer.

There are a few workarounds to update from 4.5 to 4.5.1

1. Quick and dirty: Uninstall ownCloud and install the new one -> You will loose all your data and settings

2. owerwrite the INFO file which contains the version number

  1. Download my patched INFO file
  2. copy it into the public folder of your Disk Station
  3. connect to your DiskStation via SSH
  4. type
    cp /volumeX/public/INFO /var/packages/owncloud

    replace the X with the volume number that contains your public folder

  5. type exit, the editor closes
  6. Now the update button appears in the package center, you can update normally

3. DIY:  Edit the version in the INFO file (afterwards the update button appears)

  1. connect to your Disk Station using SSH (How do I do that?)
  2. type
    cd /var/packages/owncloud
  3. type 
    vi INFO

    the text editor vi should start

  4. in vi navigate to the third line which is: version=“4.5-012″
  5. hit <a>
  6. add .0 after 4.5 so the changed line is  version=“4.5.0-012″
  7. hit <Esc>
  8. type :wq and hit <Enter>
  9. type exit, the editor closes
  10. Now the update button appears in the package center, you can update normally

Another way is to backup the data and config folder in the /web folder, deinstall owncloud, install the new version and recover it. If you do this you have to take care of the folder permissions.

I apologize for the circumstances, if you know an easier way to update, let me know.

Manual Download link:

Hi everyone,

good news again. Somewhere in the depths of one of the onwCloud sides I found a link to this side Not a design masterpiece I must admit, but it has the brand new 4.5 version on it.

Now it is 2:30 AM and the Synology package is ready.

I added a little log which is stored in /volumeX/@appstore/owncloud/owncloud_package.log and can be seen at the package center.

The other thing I added was the selection of the DSM link type:

  • http: Which is the default one on port 80 and unsecured
  • https: Which provides SSL secured connection at port 443

As ownCloud runs on the build-in apache of the Disk Station you can install your own certificates directly in DSM to provide certificate error messages.

Of course you can still connect both ways by typing the URL.

You can select your link type during the update process.

As always:  Back up your data before updating! Your files and settings should be kept but I can’t guarantee it.

Now have fun with it (update button should appear soon)


I’m back in town and got the new package running:

The update button will appear in your package center soon.

There are no special features in this one just the updated version of ownCloud.

Manual download from my Dropbox folder here: